Question Everything x Craig Black Design

This was a collaboration between Craig Black Design and Tentu.

We documented the creation of Craig Black Design's piece 'Question Everything' to help show the extra level of meaning behind the installation.

The act of questioning is so integral to innovation. To create is not simply about making something modern and diverse. To truly be daring and disruptive, we need to question everything that already exists. Questions such as “why,” “why not,” and “what if” are essential within the creative process. Questions about identity and the status quo, about history, our place within it and how they drive the creative expression of our time. What compels creatives to make? To create work that is reflective of and responsive to the times in which they live? What social impact can design make? These are questions which have and continue to motivate and guide our creative processes.

This was an interesting project to work on with Craig as we both had an idea of how we wanted the outcome to be but we weren’t 100% sure of the outcome. We cleared out the space in the studio and had some practice runs against a plastic sheet using our hands, a spoon and settled on using the cup to give the right amount of powder onto the piece. It was great fun to make but I think we will be finding powder paint in studio for the next few months…

Find some BTS images below to show you just how we managed to achieve the final look!


Design - Craig Black
Filming - Cameron Brisbane
Editing/BTS - Ryan Johnston